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Joint Venture and LLC Agreements

Joint Venture Agreement Lawyers

Stricter lending guidelines have made bank financing of commercial real estate much more difficult than in the past, increasing the need to raise equity. Limited liability company (LLC) and other joint venture agreements are increasingly popular options in these situations. Whether you are an owner/developer seeking equity or a real estate investor with capital to invest, joint venture agreements can provide the platform for the completion of a successful real estate project.

Joint venture agreements can be complex and esoteric. If you are the owner/developer, you want to make sure that you receive a market rate "promote" and retain the greatest flexibility possible in order to retain control over your project. If you are the equity member or partner, you want to make sure that your investment and return will be properly protected through involvement in major decisions and by insuring the owner/developer will receive no more than market fees. Engaging the services of a real estate attorney experienced in the structuring and negotiation of LLC and other joint venture agreements is critical in order to ensure that your interests are properly protected.

Experienced Representation

At the White Plains, New York based Sacks Law Group, our attorneys are experienced in handling the vast array of issues that arise in joint venture agreements, LLC agreements and partnership agreements. Whether you are an owner/developer seeking a "marriage" with one or equity partners or an institution or a private investor seeking to make an investment in real estate, we help you understand the various issues to be negotiated and the benefits and risks involved in order to properly protect your interests.

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