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Experienced Construction Lawyers

Successful commercial construction projects are complex matters that require the involvement of many different parties, with each relationship requiring specific contracts and agreements. From structuring the initial agreement with the architect/engineer/designer through the completion of construction, the guidance of an attorney experienced in construction contracts can help to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

The commercial real estate and construction attorneys at the White Plains, New York based Sacks Law Group, P.C. have worked on countless construction projects, representing property owners, developers, tenants, contractors and lenders. We have experience negotiating and drafting all types of contracts and agreements, settling contract disputes and handling draw requests and construction loan issues.

Representation for any Type of Construction Project

Our attorneys have been involved in all types of construction projects, including community shopping centers, strip shopping centers, power centers, theaters, industrial buildings and office buildings. We often work hand-in hand with a network of knowledgeable experts including architects, engineers, project managers and construction managers for support on technical issues such as HVAC and other utility capacity issues, electrical specifications and ADA and other code compliance issues.

We came from large New York City firms and formed Sacks Law Group, P.C., in order to work with clients on a more personal level. We provide many of the same services you will find at a large Manhattan firm but we get the job done more efficiently and at a lower cost to our clients.

We handle virtually all types of construction contracts, including:

  • General contractor's agreements (including lump sum and cost-plus, with or without a guaranteed maximum price)
  • Construction management agreements
  • Architect’s agreements
  • Engineer's Agreements
  • Designer Agreements
  • Design/build agreements
  • Utility Agreements with Municipalities

Contact our office to learn more about how we can help you. You can reach us by phone at 914-428-8300 or via e-mail.